Footsteps Through Time

A History of Travel and Tourism to the Victoria Falls

The following pages contain various extended sections and features which have been added or expanded since the first edition of Sun, Steel and Spray, as well as introductory pieces and further reading to suppliment information provided in the book. We'll also add to these pages any new interesting information on the Victoria Falls Bridge which comes to light from our continuing research.

The Livingstone Tree - a look at the history of the 'Livingstone Name Tree,' located upon Livingstone Island and upon which Dr David Livingstone carved his initials when first visiting the Victoria Falls in November 1855.

Christmas Celebrations - a look at the changing nature of early European Christmas celebrations.

First Train Tourists - The extanded story of the first group of railway tourists known to arrive at the Victoria Falls, travelling on the first through train from the Cape to the Zambezi in June 1904.

Falling for the Falls - the story of Mr Alan Perry, who in 1955 fell into the first gorge of the Falls - and survived.

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