Life and Death at the Old Drift, Victoria Falls 1898-1905

Life and Death at the Old Drift

Victoria Falls 1898-1905

The Old Drifters

The Controller's Camp

The Controller's Camp

Watt (in an undated and unpublished manuscript held in the archive of the Livingstone Museum) summarised the following details on the names and professions of the Old Drifters, based on a list originally published in an article in the Livingstone Mail on 23rd November 1937.

“In the employ of F [Frederick] J Clarke were from time to time; L [E?] Collins*, W A Carter*, W [William] Traynor, E Pregnis, Jack Nicholls, R Davidson, Capt. John Brown, Tim Downing, W M Elain*, H Reutch*.

The employees of the BSAC+ (no names are given).

Bechuanaland Trading Company: Tom King, Percy Wilde*, Davey Jones*, C Hendrikz, Harry Warner.

In the employ of A & J Pieters: A Pieters, H G van Blerk*, Bran Drayer*, A H Wilkinson*, Wally Walters*.

Findlay and Company: A. Findlay*, D Smith.

In the firm of Smith and James: George Smith*, Jimmy James, W. Reynolds*, C Dipper*, D Beaton.

Members of the Paris Missionary Society:
[Reverend Giovanni Daniele Augusto] Coisson* and wife [Marguerite, and their children, Emily (b. 1897), Francois (b. 1899), Henri (b. 1900), Jeanne (b.1902) and Roberto (b.1904)], Louis Jalla, [Rev Juste Bouchet-]Roulet and wife [Isabelle]...

Freddie Mills* and wife* and A Wacks*, all worked together.

The British South Africa Police were: Constable A H Burdett*, and
[Constable] ‘Gaolar Gallway’ Foley*.

For C H Zeederberg: C F Howell*, A Phol*.

Others: Percy M Clark, Leopold
[Frank] Moore, Mrs Moore, Mrs D Morgans, C H Gilby and Joe Erwin.

(* Names marked with an asterisk indicate that the person was dead at the time of the issue of the newspaper in 1937).

This list does not include: Dr [John N] Wilson, Nurse Chapman, Mr and Mrs Tulloch,
[Mr J] Dobson, Findlay, Guthrie, [Jim] Elliot and wife [and daughter, Miss E Elliot], [Harold] Rangeley, Murray, Pearce, [Gifford] Moore, F W Sykes, plus many more whose names have been forgotten over the past sixty years.” (Watt, undated)

Clarke's Huts at the Old Drift

Clarke's Huts at the Old Drift

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